We rapidly develop integrated cloud applications with an API that connects with your world.

Deployed 10x faster at 25% of the cost of custom applications.

Most people hear the words “custom software” and cringe.

We create custom applications without an army of consultants and with JUST the functionality you need.  No more bloated applications that charge for features you don’t use.

World domination
Jedi mind tricks
Rapid, browser-based application development
Automatically generated API
Easily integrates third-party applications
Easily creates workflows across third-party applications
Service bureau model to support real time change

Our Manifesto

Keep it simple and feature relevant vs. feature rich.

Avoid applications that come with redundancies.    Choose the best tools for the tasks and integrate them.

 The requirements will continue to change.

Choose applications based on flex and ease of integration.    Encourage people to become good at change.

 Mobile “constellations” vs. one deep mobile app.

Small, limited purpose apps that interact with larger applications make it easy for a user to accomplish specific actions on a mobile device.

 Providing an exceptional brand experience is demanding.

Customer, partner, and employee interactions must make sense across web sites,  applications,   phone calls,  emails and text.

 Let the humans choose their own tools.

Idea2 can tie together the cloud solutions that people prefer.    Companies technology assortments should be as unique as they are.

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