Build a full-stack application on a
100% browser-based platform.


Get early access to the builder and run-time dev environments.

How do you CRM?

“Each of the leading vendors in this mature market offers a checklist of features and functions. Remember that more is not better; often, more is just more. In fact, when you don’t need, or can’t use, extra features, more is sometimes worse.”

- The Forrester Wave

Custom, Flexible CRM
How we do it

Replace manual processes with automation
across popular cloud APPS

Deployed 10x faster and 75% cheaper than custom applications.

We’ve automated custom application development on an integration platform to deliver the apps you need without an army of consultants.

The Idea2 Manifesto

Close the Business/IT Gap.

Forget data/column mismatch, unused fields and long development lead times.

Embrace the dynamic nature of requirements.

Choose applications based on flex and ease of integration.

Encourage department-specific technologies.

Your technology collections define your customer experience.

Focus on feature-relevant vs. feature-risk.

Avoid application redundancies..

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