Our integration platform delivers custom functionality
without sacrificing features, adaptability, or scale.

Keep the systems that work.

There’s no reason to replace a system that does the job. But, if you’re paying license fees for applications that simply don’t deliver, we can replace them.

Building is better than buying.

Technology IS your brand. Idea2 integrates the old and the new (or the new and the new) to deliver an experience that your customers will remember.

Give everyone a seat at the table

Our pricing model generously includes a ridiculous number of user licenses so you can interact online with employees, customers, partners, and vendors.


Most people hear the words “custom software” and cringe.
We create custom functionality without the army of developers and consultants.

Our focus is on evolving technology with minimal distraction and maximum flexibility

The Idea2 Manifesto

Keep it Simple. It’s about feature relevance, not feature rich.

Avoid applications that have more functionality than you need.
You need the best of what you need, and it needs to integrate elegantly.

The requirements will continue to change.

Choose applications based on flex and ease of integration.
Encourage people to become good at change.

Mobile App Constellations are all the rage.

Small, limited purpose apps that interact with larger applications make it easy
for a user to accomplish specific actions on a mobile device.

Providing an exceptional brand experience is demanding.

Customer, partner, and employee interactions must make sense
across web sites, applications, phone calls, emails and text.

Use the cloud to express yourself.

Don’t think of it as choosing an application. You are defining a technology strategy
that is as enduring as your brand.